What Size Generator Should I Use for My 50 Amp RV?

As a beginner, trying to figure out the size of the generator you can use for 50 Amp RV could be pretty much complicated. An RV can provide you with comfort when camping off-grid. However, they require the proper equipment to work efficiently.

So what is a 50 amp generator for RV? and what size generator can I use for 50 amp RV? We would recommend a 4,000-watt generator on average. However, this depends on what you want to install in your RV, it’s important to choose a quality generator.

So if you want to know the perfect generator size for 50 Amp RV for your camping need, you’ll love this article.

Let’s dive right in..

What is 50-amp service and how they work?

50 amp service comes with four-prong plugs and four wires. These include a neutral wire, 120V wires, and a ground wire. When these plugs are connected to the generator, it is possible to draw 240V or 120V.

To understand how power delivery works, you first need to know the relationship between amperage and voltage. For example, with 30- amp and 50-amp service, the amperage is as follows: 30-amp for 120V and 50-amp for 120V.

This simply shows you that the 30-am service delivers low watts than the 50-amp service. 50- amp generators are therefore more popular amongst camping enthusiasts.

While they are costly, they can save you money not to mention the fact that they provide constant power you can use both day and night. Furthermore, they are safe for storage and are non-hazardous.

What 50 amp generator Size should you choose?

When shopping for a generator, you should consider what appliances you have inside your RV. For example, modern RVs can have a fridge, water heater, electric oven, microwave, television, coffee maker, etc.


Depending on your needs, it is always possible to add more amenities in your RV. But before adding more amenities, you need a generator that can power all the gadgets in the RV.

So what size generator for 50 amp RV should I get? As earlier mentioned, we would recommend a 4,000-watt generator on average. Meanwhile, this depends on the appliances you’re using at a time.

Some of the factors to consider when selecting generators include voltage, portability, noise level, and brand of manufacturer. Also, consider your existing power needs as well as future needs.

Will you add extra devices in the future? If you take these aspects into consideration, you can select the best generator that will serve you longer.


If you want to select the best 50 amp generator for rv, remember that big generators are usually heavier. Installing a bulky generator in your RV is tedious especially when you have to take it out for maintenance purposes. Over time, this will be quite inconvenient for you.

Nonetheless, if you still want to install a large generator, shop for one with an adjustable wheel kit. This will help you move the generator with ease based on your changing needs. Therefore, if you want to buy a generator that delivers up to 6000 watts, it should have wheels.

For extra flexibility, you can consider buying two small generators. You can install two generators that produce 2000 watts each. Two generators will certainly help you to save power in the long run.

Buy a generator with sufficient voltage 

You should also pay close attention to the voltage when buying a generator since you will use it to manage all appliances in the RV. To ensure you make an informed choice, you should check the voltage on all your devices. 

Knowing the voltage on all your appliances will make it easier for you to select a generator with the right voltage that fit your needs. Most high powered generators are larger and this is another consideration to make if you want to save on space.

Basically, voltage is very important when shopping for a generator for your RV. It doesn’t make financial sense to invest in a small generator and yet it doesn’t provide enough power. Therefore, size doesn’t matter provided the voltage is right and can power all your appliances in the RV.


The noise aspect

While most generators produce noise when running, this is something you should consider. Installing a noisy generator can make it difficult for you to have conversations in the RV.

Fortunately, there are various generator brands you can depend on, and each has its own characteristics. Therefore, after you check to ensure the generator has the right voltage, also check if it is too noisy.

Regrettably, when you buy a noisy RV generator, you can’t fix this problem. Over time, this can be a nuisance for you. Moreover, a noisy RV generator significantly affects your comfort level and hence is not something you take lightly.

In most cases, smaller generators are usually less noisy than larger generators. Take this into consideration if you want to know what size generator for 50 am rv suits your needs.

Manufacturer brand

An RV generator is a long-term investment, which means you should use it longer. And to ensure you get the best generator, quality is of the essence. Proper research will help you identify some of the best brands. But more importantly, you should find a generator that fits your budget.

The best generator manufacturers are Yamaha EF3000ISEB or Honda EU30001S. There are many brands out there and while some are budget friendly, you may have to pay more for others.

It is therefore important to check the manufacturer’s history as well as buyer reviews. That way, you can make an informed decision based on the experiences of other buyers.

If you have all the right information, buy a quality generator tailored to your budget. You should not pay too much attention to saving money if you want a quality generator that will serve you longer.


Almost all generators usually have a warranty. Most RV generators typically have an average of 2 year warranty.

More importantly, you should find a manufacturer that provides lifetime technical support.

If you have any issues with the generator when the warranty expires, you should still be able to get free technical support.

Choosing the best 50 amp generator

Choosing the best 50 amp generator for your RV might be a daunting task, especially when you’re a total newbie.

However, the below guide will help you make the right purchase decision.

Determine the number of watts your 50 Amp RV uses

To ensure you meet your power needs, it’s important to understand the amount of voltage that you can receive from your 50 Amp generator. Essentially, most 50 amp generators deliver about 12,000 watts.

50 amp plugs usually have two hot wires with 120 volts. This arrangement is referred to as the split service or 120/240.

If you want to determine the wattage that your 50 amp generator delivers, you need to multiply volts by amps. For example, when you multiply 120 volts by 50 amps, you get 6,000 watts.

However, since the 50 amp generator has a two-wire connection, the wattage is doubled to get 12,000 watts.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the 50 amp generator that you will buy will deliver 12,000 watts. This type of generator is powerful and can be quite expensive, not to mention that it provides extra power than you need.

Determine your specific electrical needs

It is also important to determine your RV’s power needs after you analyze the operating wattage of all your appliances. You should evaluate the startup wattage as well, which is the power your appliances require to get started.

You also need to determine your generator’s running wattage, which is the power that keeps your appliances running.

Find the most appropriate wattage for the 50 Amp RV 

Let’s discuss how you should choose the most suitable wattage that matches your RV’s specific electrical needs. But first, we should clarify between running wattage versus startup wattage.

For example, most of your appliances typically consume more energy when they are starting up.

That means you need to find a suitable generator that will supply you with enough startup voltage to power your appliances. More importantly, you should avoid focusing on the running wattage.

Another factor that helps to determine the right 50 amp generator for your RV is the option of installing air conditioning systems on the rig.

For example, an RV with a 50 amp generator can perform efficiently using a single air conditioning system.

In fact, it can work perfectly with a generator that delivers 4,000 watts. It is, therefore important to determine your appliances startup wattage so that you can know exactly how much voltage will be enough for your generator.

The microwave, refrigerator, and air-conditioning units are some of the appliances that draw in a lot of power during startup.

Therefore, if you want to add the startup voltages on all your appliances that you use in the RV, you should find a generator that matches that rating.

However, this may lead you to buy a generator with more wattage than what you really need.


Finding a quality 50 amp generator for RV is all about understanding your power needs. Check all the electronic devices that you use in the RV to determine the power capacity you need.

Additionally, we also consider features like weight, noise levels, and ease of use before buying an RV generator. Compare multiple generator brands to find the best one that suits your needs.

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