How Much Does a Pop Up Camper Weigh? A Must Read

If you are curious about how much a pop-up camper weighs, then this article will be a good read. But what is a pop-up camper and what are they used for?

Pop-up camper trailers simply offer travelers an easy and quick way to tow their belongings and enjoy nature to its fullest. However, the weight of a pop-up camper depends on its size as it comes in all sizes and shapes.

So how much does a standard pop-up camper weigh? Pop-up campers are typically very light on average. A modernized pop-up camper weighs around 600 pounds (272kg) to 3800 pounds (1,723 kg) on average, either empty or full.

Therefore, if you are considering shopping for a small pop-up camper for your vehicle, or you are just curious about how they work, then you can find all the information you need in this guide.

In addition to figuring out exactly how much pop-up campers weigh, you will also need to find out if they suit your camping needs.

For instance, some campers have hard-sized outer walls that provide extra protection. Others come preinstalled with a small kitchen, and others somewhat resemble a moving tent with only a few basics.

Here are some invaluable tips on how to determine the ideal pop up camper’s weight

1. Altitude adjustment

Determine your camper’s towing rate! For example, when you drive at high altitude, the vehicle is likely to experience less engine power and towing capacity.

Therefore, when you decide to buy a new camper, find the one that comes with a haul/tow mode. This will help you to adjust the transmission and shift cycles when navigating downhill.

2. Safety

The other important factor you need to consider as far as the weight of the camper is concerned is safety. Maneuverability, spend, and traction are some of the safety considerations you should consider as they can impact the overall weight of the camper.

3. Storage capacity

The ideal pop camper weight also depends mainly on your storage needs. Find a pop-up camper that you can easily fold into a small size when not in use. The best thing about fold down pop up campers is that they can fit well in small spaces for security and safety.

4. Fuel efficiency

Your pop-up camper’s overall weight can either make your travel slow or fast. More importantly, the weight of the pop-up camper determines the amount of fuel your vehicle will consume on any given trip.

You should find a camper that allows you to manage fuel costs as you enjoy sightseeing to ensure you have an enjoyable and comfortable trip. For better fuel efficiency, you need to find a camper that has a flexible balance between your camper and the vehicle.

5. Personalization

Fortunately, there are different types of pop-up campers on the market that suit varied needs. However, if you don’t know how to choose the right camper, there’s no need for you to worry.

It’s easy to choose the best pop up camper that suits your unique style and tastes. You should be able to fit the camper with all the essentials for a lone traveler or group of friends.

And if you want a camper for a larger family, get one that can be personalized with storage shelves, air conditioning, bathroom, and kitchenettes.

6. Accessories and weight

The best thing about pop-up camper trailers is that they are easy to carry. If you consider your camper’s weight as well as the accessories that can fit inside, then you are ready to go.

What’s more, you can hook up the camper on any existing automobile. And when you finally reach your destination, unhooking is done efficiently.

Can you install a pop-up camper on any RV? If so, why should you buy a pop-up camper for your camping needs? Let us look at some of the merits of owning a pop-up camper trailer.

Pop up campers have become more popular than ever before due to their small size. They can be transported from one destination to another, and they occupy a small amount of space. And due to their small size, they are easy to store and tow as well.

Furthermore, they are lightweight and hence will make your camping experience less tedious. And since they are easily foldable, you don’t have to worry about obstructions to sightseeing when driving.

But, why are pop-up campers popular?

Pop-up trailers are popular for the convenience they provide. They are an affordable choice if you’re looking for a low budget camping trailer. The reason behind installing a pop-up camper in your vehicle is that as you enjoy your road trip, you can easily fold the trailer to conserve space.

After you finally arrive at your destination, simply open the camper, and you are ready to go! You automatically have a comfortable sleeping quarter as well as a living area. Nonetheless, this will depend on the type of camper you install on your vehicle.

So, what are the features of a pop camper?

Typically, a pop-up camper features a sturdy roof, box, and trailer frame. And the interior has soft walls and pull-out sleeping areas known as bunks. Pop-up camper trailers also include many screens and windows.

Some of the common amenities that come with a personalized pop-up camper trailer include a water tank, a dining area, a refrigerator, and a cooking stove. Premium pop-up campers have bathroom facilities.

The best thing about pop-up camper trailers is their limited use of available space. You can never go wrong with a pop-up camper trailer! During the day, you can enjoy a meal on the camper, and at night, you can simply fold the dining area into a comfortable bed.

The other thing is that some pop-up models allow you to enjoy an indoor setting when camping off the grid.

How much does a pop-up camper weigh?

pop-up camper parked in camping ground

Knowing the weight of the pop-up camper you want to buy is very necessary as this will help determine if your vehicle can tow it without any hassle. Also, find out the exact number of people that can fit in the camper.

As earlier mentioned, pop-up campers are typically very light on average. The standard weight of a modern mini pop-up camper is 600 pounds (272kg) empty or full, while large pop-up campers can weigh as high as 3,800 pounds(1,723kg) on average, either empty or full.

However, their designs are usually categorized by the length of their slide-outs, which can vary from 8ft to 16ft. If opened, the length will approximately increase the slide-out length.

Meanwhile, some pop-up campers are within 7ft and 7ft-6 inches in width and within 4ft-6 inches and 5ft in height if closed, but “high wall” designs are tall, and the sleeping amenities could contain only 4 to 8 persons.

Before you decide the best camper trailer that suits your camping needs, you need to consider the material that has been used to make the camper. This is important as it will have an impact on the campers’ overall weight.

For instance, does it have a hard or soft wall, and is the roof plastic or fiberglass? Let’s discuss pop up camper trailers based on their different sizes.

Mini-sized pop up campers

Generally, most mini-sized camper trailers weigh less than 700 pounds. But if you prefer to install a heavier camper, there are many options at your disposal. Mini-sized camper pop-ups are definitely a great investment if you don’t really care about the extra amenities.

If you install the foldable pop-up on your vehicle with a few chairs and a small table, you are set to go! Additionally, most mini-sized camper trailers are simple to tow. And more importantly, they won’t damage the tow vehicle in any way, shape, or form.

Medium-sized pop up campers

Most medium-sized camper pop-ups usually weigh over 1000 pounds. Unlike mini-sized camper pop-ups, these customized campers give you a few extras that you will absolutely love.

Some of the extras include a comfy sleeping quarter, kitchen area, a dining area, and plenty of storage. You can tow this pop-up on your usual vehicle, and this is one reason why most people install them.

Large-sized pop-up campers 

A few years back, large-sized pop-ups would come in different sizes that could range from 7 feet to 10 feet. But today, larger camper trailers can stretch longer and can even exceed 17 feet. In fact, if you fully expand these pop-ups, they can reach about 27 feet.

Large-sized pop-ups weigh more than their counterparts. However, they give you the freedom to enjoy more amenities. But most people usually have an issue with the towing weight as it can damage their cars.

These pop-ups can weigh over 2000 pounds. If you are considering buying a large pop-up camper, it is important to ensure your vehicle has the capacity to tow it. Find out if your vehicle has the right weight before you commit to buy.

If you want to determine whether your car is capable of towing the pop-up camper, you should check it’s manual where you can confirm weight specifications. Remember that your vehicle’s towing capacity will include everything you choose to tow, including the passengers and cargo inside your car.


Camper pop-up trailers are definitely the best bet if you enjoy camping outdoors. They give you unlimited freedom to live in the wild free of worries. And you can decide to spend the rest of your days outdoors!

They also provide you with all the essentials you need in a lightweight package, and you are set to enjoy your road trip. The best thing about pop-up campers is the fact that you don’t need to modify or upgrade your car.

However, you should double-check your vehicle to ensure it’s in excellent condition before you rent or buy a pop-up camper. That way, you can ensure you make an informed decision.

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