How Much Does It Cost To Rent An Rv?

Many times, you may have found yourself having to bother about the cost of renting an RV. Fortunately, today, many companies offer rental services. But how much does it cost to rent an RV?

The RV renting cost is dependent on the duration of use. Averagely, it may cost as much as $200 and above to rent an RV for a night. These figures can soar if you will need it for a longer duration. 

However, most people prefer renting out their RVs for a longer duration because it would mean less marketing has been done, and their RV would not be lying idly without being monetized. 

Renting an RV for a more extended period may cost less because you can easily negotiate for a discount than when you are renting it for a single day. 

You will have to determine if renting an RV for a long period or a short time may be best for you, especially when you are more concerned about the cost implication.

A long term rental may attract an additional fee for services such as set-up and delivery, which may not be necessary if you are renting an RV for a day or two. 

RV rental Services

While traveling on your RV is fun and adventurous, it can be expensive. However, you can get an RV rental service for as low as $50 – $300 per night. High-end motorhomes will cost slightly more, particularly if you choose a new model.

If you want to take it a notch higher and travel in an airstream, you will definitely pay more. When renting an RV, you also need to pay fees like taxes and insurance. Most of the time, you may be required to pay these fees by mile estimate.

You can pay at least $0.5 for every mile you cover, but this can add up significantly when you are on a longer trip. If you are looking for information on how much to rent an RV by miles, remember that some companies may charge you extra when you exceed a certain limit.

However, most companies may incorporate several miles for a price and charge extra if you exceeded the limit.

So, what are the common RV rental prices?

In most cases, you can get an RV rental from $1,200 to $2,000 per week. Remember, the company might request you to pay a safety deposit when you rent the RV. This money is returned when you return the RV after use. 

Importantly, the rental price depends on the type of RV you want to rent. As mentioned earlier, newer models cost more. More often than not, motorhomes that can’t be towed are pricey as well.

More amenities, such as beds, will significantly increase the rental price. Here is an analysis of different RV types and their rental prices

 Class A-RVClass B -RV            Class C- RVFifth WheelTravel Trailer
  Rental cost (New RV)$300-$400 per night$200-$300 per night$200-$400 per night$100-$250 per night$120 – $250 per night
Length 20 ft – 40 ft11ft – 20 ft20 ft – 38 ft20 ft – 40 ft20 ft – 25 ft
Rental cost (Old RV)$150 – $200 per night$100 – $200 per night$100 – $200 per night$100-$250 per night$100-$200 per night
Benefits-Large-High end motorhome-Classic-Easy to part-Compact-Easy to drive-Spacious for sleeping-More amenities-Can install slide outs-Better control when driving
-Detach  from truck– Extra space for amenitiesComes in multiple sizes

Below is a list of some of the websites where you can rent an RV.

  • Cruise America: If you are looking for flexible rental prices, Cruise America is the right option for you. This company has over 50 locations distributed all across America. Simply visit their offices to discuss RV rental prices.
  • RVShare: This website is similar to Airbnb to some extent. It caters to RV rentals, and people can lease out their RVs. This is an excellent way to save money, right? Simply search for an RV that suits your budget, and you’re all set for your camping adventures.
  • Outdoorsy: Similar to RVShare, Outdoorsy allows you to choose an RV that is within your budget. So choose from their selection of RVs, and you are good to go!

Research is key

It is essential to carry out careful research before choosing the best RV rental service that suits your budget. That way, you can enjoy cost savings.

Different websites have varying RV rental fees, and that means you need to find a company with the lowest prices. Search for companies that have deals on RV rentals.

Therefore, when you search on multiple sources, you can find the best deal as far as RV rental is concerned. If you choose to rent an RV for your next trip, you must ensure it has enough space and family members can fit in comfortably.

Determine what type of RV you want

Basically, an RV refers to all types of trailers and motorhomes. Whence, when you want to choose a rental service that fits your budget, you should first compare several options.

For instance, if your truck isn’t capable of towing a large RV, then you should find a smaller RV that you can tow on your truck.

Class B RV homes are similar to vans, and Class A RVs are similar to huge buses. For that reason, if you are planning a road trip with your friends, then you need a larger RV.

But if you just want to go on a quick trip with one or two people, you can rent a small RV.

Then finding a suitable RV that you can tow on your truck is a necessity. Fortunately, there are many cheaper options you can consider. If you are working on a limited budget, you can rent a popup trailer as they are quite affordable.

In fact, you can rent a pop-up trailer for as low as $20. So, if you just need somewhere safe where you can sleep, this is undoubtedly an excellent option.

Know your travelling purpose

Before you rent an RV, you should first determine your purpose as well as your size needs. While most people prefer travelling in a group on a large RV, this may not suit your needs.

There are great Class C RVs on the market that are roomy and nice, and still cost less money.

It is therefore important to understand the basics so that you can find a spacious RV that won’t dent your wallet.

Settle for an older RV model

You can get decent room and comfort from an older RV, and you no longer have to worry about cost. If you decide to rent an RV from companies like Outdoorsy or RVShare, you should remember that settling for an older model will help you save some money.

Most newer models typically cost over $100 per night and this figure can add up depending on a number of factors.

Nonetheless, settling for an older motorhome has its own share of risks, similar to buying a second hand vehicle. Therefore, talk with the owner who is renting out the RV to ensure it doesn’t have any mechanical issues.

Be frugal on amenities

Most modern RVs usually have over the top amenities like TVs, dining area, and cozy furniture. Even so, you just don’t need these amenities.

Create a detailed checklist of some of the essential items you truly need. For example, how many beds do you need? More importantly, does the RV rental come with a bathroom. 

When you keep your requirements frugal and straightforward, you can find amazing RV rental prices. When planning for a road trip in an RV rental, some of the essential items you may need include a toilet, microwave, shower, refrigerator, and heating/ air-conditioning.

While you might be tempted to rent an RV with more amenities, you may end up spending more than expected.

Alright, you have found an RV tailored to your budget and you are ready to kickstart your adventure!

Here are 6 tips to help you enjoy the best trip on your RV and save money, too.

1. Book RV resorts and campgrounds in advance

During the peak season, RV resorts and campgrounds usually book up quickly. Therefore, if you want to find an excellent spot for your RV, ensure you book in advance.

The same applies to restaurants and activities. This is important as most restaurants and campsites are usually fully booked.

You can book less popular destinations for a spontaneous adventure on your RV. Click here to book your RV resort online.

2. Plan your RV trip accordingly

While this sounds obvious, you need to plan the route you intend to use on your RV trip! More importantly, you need to choose where to stay, as well as the activities you will do at the destination.

You can tour Route 66 and the Rocky Mountains found on the road to Las Vegas. These are amazing routes for RV enthusiasts.

That being said, you should plan in advance for everything and this includes activities, campgrounds, as well as refueling.

3. Make an RV checklist

Have a checklist of some of the things you want to do during your RV adventure. Towels, hiking gear, clothes, food, beach gear, etc.

And if you plan to drive the RV by yourself, consider the things you need to do as you prepare to move. For example, can you lower the antenna comfortably when under a low bridge.

4. Avoid driving fast

Since RVs are typically heavier and larger than normal cars, they need more expertise. What’s more, they take longer to brake.

You definitely don’t want to bump into someone on the road in your RV rental. So drive at a safe speed limit when possible.

5. Find out the following information from the rental company

If you plan to rent a motorhome, it’s important to ask the rental company the following questions:

  • How many people can comfortably fit in the RV?
  • Where can you get deals when refueling?
  • Does the RV come with pillows, silverware, plates, linens, etc?
  • Does it have GPS?

Whenever you’re renting an RV, the above-listed questions should be put into consideration.

6. Ensure you have all the essentials

RV rentals will give you a few essentials including toilet paper, silverware, dishware, and paper towels. However, you need to cater for your own food, water, and bedding. You should also pack blankets as it might get cold at night.


We hope you now know how much it cost to rent an RV. To ensure you make an informed decision as far as RV rental is concerned, it’s always safer to compare rental prices on multiple websites. This is the only way to ensure you get the best deal.

Most owners usually list their RVs on multiple websites, so ensure you research various sites until you get a deal tailored to your budget.

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