How To Scrap an Old Camper Trailer: A Detailed Guide

While owning an RV is great, getting rid of an old camper trailer can be a hassle. If you need information on how to scrap your old camper trailer, then read on to find some useful disposable options you can try out.

If it’s time to get rid of your RV, consider these disposable methods to dispose of it safely. It’s far better to scrap it than let it rot away.

Here are some of the ideas you can consider if you are thinking about disposing of your old camper trailer once and for all.

1. Sell the old camper online

That old unused camper sitting in the backyard might not necessarily have any value to you, but can be something of value to someone else.

If you want to know how to get rid of an old camper trailer, why not sell it online? Facebook, Craigslist, and eBay are some of the websites where you can sell used items, small and large.

how to get rid of old camper trailer

But you might ponder, who can buy an old camper trailer? Well, you will be surprised! There are many vintage trailer enthusiasts and home aficionados who are actively looking for old camper trailers.

Alternatively, you can even dismantle your old camper and then sell the parts that can fetch you some money.

Thanks to the internet, you can sell just about anything! And what better way to make some cash for that old camper that has been rotting away in your backyard?

2. Donate the camper

If the camper is still in good condition, you can donate it to your local charity. The good thing is that most charities today provide pick up services. Some even offer tax deduction and vacation vouchers.

Below are some of the charities where you can donate your old RV camper:


When you donate your old camper, it’s easier for you to do away with it at no extra cost. More importantly, you will help someone in need, not to mention that you can receive tax benefits as well.

3. Sell the camper to salvage yards

Scrap yards or salvage yards are an excellent option if you want to get rid of an old RV camper. In fact, you can make some little money. However, don’t expect much.

You can search for “junkyards near me’’ online or ‘’RV salvage yard near me.” You will see a detailed list of some of the salvage yards in your locality where you can drop the camper.

If you have ever used the services of a salvage yard, then you might have stumbled across junk yards that also accept old RV campers.

Some automotive buyers can volunteer to pick up the old RV and then pay you in return. As mentioned earlier, don’t expect much.

4. Give It away

I’m certain you are familiar with the popular adage, ‘’one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’’. This saying holds true to old RVs, especially those that aren’t in use. If you have an old RV that is still in good condition but you no longer use it, why don’t you give it away?

While vintage RVs can only fetch a small amount of money, you should look for someone who is willing to take it off your hands.

People who enjoy outdoor activities, such as campers and hunters can use the RV as a temporary home when out hunting. Alternatively, you can find someone who can repurpose the vintage RV into a small home. Many people today prefer living in a tiny home to minimize their expenses.

You can make adverts on social media, tell your neighbors and friends. Fishermen and hunters are possible targets since they can use the old camper when hunting as shelter.

On the other hand, fishermen can use the old camper as customizable fishing shed.

If you don’t find any interested party, you can haul the old camper to the local dump provided they will accept it. This is how to get rid of an old camper trailer stress-free. Nonetheless, you will pay a hefty dumping fee.

If you have already exhausted all the options at your disposal, then dumping the old camper trailer makes sense.

This should be the last resort because you definitely have to pay hauling fees, not to mention the fact that it can end up in the yard, where it will end up unused in a landfill.

5. Find DIY enthusiasts

You should find DIY enthusiasts either online or in your local area who are looking for an old camper. While this option will not fetch you a lot of money, it’s definitely worth it instead of allowing it rot in your backyard.

In fact, this is an excellent option if you have a vintage camper that is taking too much space in your yard. You will be surprised that your old camper will actually be more worthy than you thought.

An old camper can be golden in another person’s eyes. So ask around in your neighborhood to find out who is interested in buying it.

6. Consult other RV owners for advice

It’s advisable to join an RV community as it offers immense benefits. For starters, you get an opportunity to interact with other RV owners, and understand various things that are related to locations and campsites.

The other advantage is that you can find the right buyer when you decide to dispose of the motorhome or travel trailer. It’s therefore important to find an RV club if you haven’t joined one yet.

After you join the RV community, try and advertise your old camper in the group to find out if anyone is interested to get it off your hands for a few bucks. Better yet, find the right scrap dealer that can offer you a good deal.

7. Repurpose the RV

Besides finding a way to dispose of the RV, you can also repurpose it into a fully functioning mobile camper. Due to their space and size, RVs make excellent greenhouses, food trucks, and even tool sheds.

Meanwhile, converting the old RV into a food truck entirely depends on its overall condition and mileage, you have endless possibilities when transforming your RV to suit your desired need.

8. get rid of it

Some states have strict regulations that make it extremely difficult to dispose of the RV directly in a landfill. However, in most states, there are personnel who assist in disposing of RVs properly without damaging the environment.

These disposal services will take your RV regardless of its current condition and will dispose of it for only $500.

While this might seem a tad too expensive, it is a great option if you haven’t found a better alternative to dispose of the RV.

However, Many RV junk buyers are willing to buy your old camper trailer. This is the most convenient way of disposing of an old RV. But there’s a downside? You need to pay them to haul the RV to their junkyard. 

You can search for ‘’RV towing services near me’’ online. Many professionals provide towing services, even if the RV is in severe condition.

From abandoned RVs to trash-filled camper trailers, you will definitely find reliable towing services in your locality.

For instance, you can try GoJunkFree that charges towing services. But if your old RV is still running, then you will save some money in return.

In most cases, towing charges is about $1900 for large motorhomes and as low as $500 for small trailers.

How to scrap your old camper trailer

You can also decide to dismantle it and then ship it to the RV junkyard. You will undoubtedly reap great profits when you recycle the various scrap metals and RV parts.

Simply search online for ‘’RV scrappers’’ or ‘’Junk Metal Recycling’’. You will find several metal junkyards that will explain to you the benefits of dismantling your RV for cash. 

What’s more, they will also explain to you the kinds of metals that will fetch you more money, as well as the safety precautions to follow as you dismantle the RV.

However, remember that neighborhood rules and landfill regulations about rusty old RV now make it harder to dispose of unwanted rigs.

Fortunately, you can utilize any of the options mentioned above to save time and money.


While you might think your old RV is worthless, you are mistaken. Many DIYers are looking to lay their hands on that old RV and convert it to practical use. Think of RV house fans and vintage trailer enthusiasts. 

Your old rusty RV is definitely a prize for DIYers, after all. And thanks to the internet, there is always a market for almost anything online.

Simply search online and look for ‘’Vintage RV enthusiasts’’ and ‘’Tiny homes’’ experts. Put simply. There are many options you can consider if you want to scrap your old camper trailer.

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